Iontophoresis is a safe and effective treatment that can be used to reduce excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the hands, feet and underarms. Iontophoresis is relatively risk free medical procedure that involves sending moderate electrical currents through water and into the skin. It’s mostly used to treat excessive sweating.During Iontophoresis, a specially designed medical device provides electrical currents, which are mild in nature, while the affected body part is immersed in water.

Iontophoresis has been very successful for me. I personally own 3 out of the 4 devices listed below (iontoderma, hidrex and dermadry) and can personally vouch for them. If you have sweaty hands or feet, then I highly suggest getting a device to do home treatments. There are many other devices on the market, but I believe these are the best available. The devices can be pretty pricey. That’s why I included discount codes for some of them below. I believe that these are the best iontophoresis devices for sale.


 Iontoderma ID-1000

Iontoderma ID-1000 is a competitive name in the world of Iontophoresis treatment devices.The Iontoderma ID-1000 is the best priced main-powered Iontophoresis machine on the market.  You get the best of both worlds. A plug in device at the price of a battery powered one.

It is a plug and use device which can be used on multiple types of power levels. All you need to do is plug current into the device, add a small amount of water and place your hands or feet into it. It is most suitable for your hands and feet.

It comes at an intermediate price of $399.00, but is some times listed at $299 when stock is low. (click here to check price)The device folds up into a small travel briefcase, making it easy to travel with. The Iontonderma is a relatively new competitor on the market, but it lives up to the hype.  You can easily afford it and enjoy a personal treatment for you sweat problems.

Price: $399.00 (Promo code: Sweatrelief15 for 15% discount)

Hidrex DVP1000


It is one of the widely used Iontophoresis machines. Due to its high effectiveness and small size, it is used in hospitals, clinics, and can be used in homes as well.

  • Professional quality makes it one of the best in market

  • Portable – you can keep it with yourself and benefit yourself from its use even when travelling around the world

  • Anti Shock Electronics (ASE©) protects from the electric fence effect (unpleasant shocking)

  • Presets for hands, feet, or underarms (can be changed and saved)

  • Measures resistance/current through dryness in skin and automatically adjusts current up to the desired level (will operate at lower level if higher level is not necessary)

  • Can be used in clinical or home settings

  • Robust/durable construction

The device is largely used by professional therapists but is recommended to patients for personal use as well. It is an amazing gadget to have in your collection. Its a great device that is highly recommended. 

Price: $950.00 (SRDVP10 for 10% discount)

Dermadry is also a new iontophoresis machine on the market, but looks very promising. It is also a plug in device with multiple levels settings. Just like the ones above it can treat hands, feet and underarms. 

Here are some of the key features:

  • Clinically-Proven Results: Studies have shown that success rates for the treatment of hyperhidrosis with iontophoresis have ranged from 93% to 100%!

  • Easy to Use: Treat hyperhidrosis at home. Maintain treatments for best results and say goodbye to excessive sweating.

  • Advanced Technology: Dermadry utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure comfortable treatment with visible results.

  • Quick Set Up: Can be set up within a few minutes. Treatment sessions last between 15-20 minutes and provide up to 6 weeks of dryness.

    Although it is relatively new compared to the other ones on the list, it is already licensed by Health Canada and Internationally recommended by dermatologist.

    Prce $329, (Promo code Sweatrelief10 for 10% percent discount )

Honorable Mentions

Idromed 5 PC


Idromed 5 PC is an extensively popular device among the patients of Hyperhidrosis. Due to its high results, it has been used, and recommended, by many professionals.

It is small, portable device which can be used on multiple body areas. The term ‘PC’ represents pulse current as it doesn’t have an option to use DC power supply. Moreover, it is also expensive at $725.00 (keep in mind that before you start adding options), making it a huge investment.

Despite all the setbacks, it is widely found in the application all over the world. This is due to high levels of performance and associated satisfactory results.

Price: $725.00 (before options)


The Drionic


The Drionic has been around for years. It has been the go to entry level device for many peolple searching for there first iontophoresis device mainly due to its ease of access, reliability, service life, and lower price range compared to the ones already discussed above. You can easily buy for no more than $198.00, which is extremely low.

The portable device has space to place your hands and feet. After few minutes of therapy, you will start feeling the difference. It is portable in nature, allowing you to carry it with yourself, anywhere you want.

The setbacks of this device are its low voltage due to the use of batteries for power generation. You cannot join it to an external AC/DC power supply. This makes it less effective compared to its rivals in the market.

Price; $198.00