underarm sweating

Effectiveness of Botox Treatment

Excessive sweating is an annoying condition to suffer from, not to mention the fact that it can make a person smell bad.  Fortunately, though, Botox comes to the rescue as an effective treatment for this ailment.

Sweat glands have to receive a certain chemical signal in order to produce sweat.  Botox block this signal, thus reducing the amount of sweat that a person endures.  The Botox is injected into the parts of the body that regularly sweat a lot, such as the hands.  And while sweating is stopped in the injection locations, the body can still sweat elsewhere, which is essential because sweating helps keep the body cool



Does the sweat in the injection areas go somewhere else?

No.  Since Botox blocks the sweat glands from receiving the chemicals they need to sweat, there is no sweat produced in and around injection sites.  Still yet, the rest of the body can sweat as normal.  Once Botox treatments are stopped, sweating will return to normal at injection locations.