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Anxiety self-help

Dealing with Hyperhidrosis daily, one will develop some anxiety. Whether is the anticipation of having a clammy wet handshake or the embarrassment of armpit stains on your collard work shirt. I personally had to deal with these on a daily basis. One thing I started to notice was that the anxiety that I developed, brought on my hyperhidrosis systems more than anything else. 

Seeking treatment for your anxiety can be important for your on sanity. Medication is always available, but some people are comfortable with the dull numbing feeling it brings.  I used medication and with a combination of self-help treatment.  One of the best and most reviewed self-help treatments on the market is the Panic Away system.  If you check out there website, they are even endorsed by some celebrities


  • Barry does make some claims that we’re not sure about. For example, he states that the Panic Away approach works for everybody, no exceptions. In our experience, there are always exceptions, so we don’t feel he should be giving such guarantees.
  • We’d really like to see more footnotes as far as scientific data is concerned. We know the science is basically solid – this is an area we’ve studied for years – but how does the average reader know it?
  • Barry is so focused on the idea that this approach will work that he doesn’t really give a backup plan per se, something we’d like to see no matter what a program’s success rate is.


  • The book is an easy read, while at the same time giving solid scientific information. Barry strikes a good balance this way.
  • Barry doesn’t waste words. The e-book doesn’t have a lot of “filler.” It’s solid but very complete information.
  • The method really does seem to work for the majority of people who have tried it.
  • It’s much less expensive than other methods.
  • It gives sufferers a long-term solution.
  • The book gives real-life situations that are specific: when you panic on an airplane, in a car, etc.

Check it out for yourself.  The website offers a free audio book to sample the program. Also there is a free 30-day refund policy.