Certain DRI

Certain Dri Clinical roll on is the only OTC at retail shelves to have Aluminum Chloride, the #1 ingredient that doctors recommend for controlling excessive sweat. Apply Certain Dri Clinical roll on at night before bed and begin to see the difference. Doctors recommend Certain Dri by name more than any other clinical antiperspirant brand.* Now you can wear color with 100% confidence

Thompson Tee


If you suffer from sweating underarms, the the Thompson Tee is a MUST have. This shirt was a life saver for me. I live in Arizona so underarm sweat is a daily issue. In the past, I tried every stick on sweat shield on the market. Those all worked for awhile, but eventually the sweat would creep through. The difference with the Thompson Tee is that the shields are sewn into the shirt.

Sweat Block Pads

Sweat Block Pads

I tried this product once. I personally got okay results. My mom on the other had loved it. It also has over a thousand positive reviews on amazon.  One pad is supposed to give you up to 7 days of treatment. If you've tried it, please leave your opinion on it below. If not, give it a try and see how it works for you

FEELU Modal Tee

The FeelU Micro modal shirt is also a great option. This shift focuses on underarm sweating and also torso sweating. Since having my ETS surgery, compensatory sweating on my torso has been a problem. Modal fabric is one of the BEST fabrics you can buy when it comes to sweating. Modal could contain about