Certain DRI

Certain Dri Clinical roll on is the only OTC at retail shelves to have Aluminum Chloride, the #1 ingredient that doctors recommend for controlling excessive sweat. Apply Certain Dri Clinical roll on at night before bed and begin to see the difference. Doctors recommend Certain Dri by name more than any other clinical antiperspirant brand.* Now you can wear color with 100% confidence

This doctor-recommended, non-prescription product is applied several times a week at bedtime

  • Certain Dri is colorless, fragrance free and has been categorized as safe and effective in the ongoing review of non-prescription drugs

  • It is applied sparingly at bedtime, and it will not wash off after bathing/showering

  • In many cases, the user will discover that it will not be necessary to apply Certain Dri every night to control the problem

This product is mainly for the light/moderate sweaters. It didn't work to well for me, since I used to sweat a lot from my underarms. I know other people who have used this and who have gottengreat results. It also highly recommended on amazon from people who have reviewed it




Certain Dri Now offers 3 levels of protection

Certain Dri “Prescription Strength” Clinical - Roll On: This antiperspirant is the strongest in the Certain Dri line with 12% Aluminum Chloride, and is the most effective antiperspirant you can buy without a prescription. Aluminum Chloride is the strongest and most effective active ingredient available in antiperspirants and is the same active ingredient in many prescription formulations. Aluminum Chloride is the #1 doctor recommended active ingredient for excessive sweating**. Because of the strength of this active ingredient, it is only available in roll on form.


  • Certain Dri “Extra Strength” Clinical - Solid: This antiperspirant has 25% Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate, which has been shown to provide long lasting wetness protection for people with excessive sweating who may require a product that is more gentle on sensitive skin than other active ingredients. This formulation has been clinically shown to provide wetness protection for multiple days and is available in solid form


  • Certain Dri “Everyday Strength” Clinical: This antiperspirant + deodorant has 20% Aluminum Zirconium Complex, which is the same active ingredient found in most other clinical antiperspirants on the shelf. This active ingredient has been shown to provide all day protection for many people who seek an effective clinical antiperspirant with added deodorant protection. This formulation is available in both solid and roll on form.


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