Thompson Tee

The Thompson Tee featured on "The Doctors" with Dr. Sears

If you suffer from sweating underarms, the the Thompson Tee is a MUST have. This shirt was a life saver for me. I live in Arizona so underarm sweat is a daily issue. In the past, I tried every stick on sweat shield on the market. Those all worked for awhile, but eventually the sweat would creep through. The difference with the Thompson Tee is that the shields are sewn into the shirt.

Once I tried the Thompson Tee, I immediately purchased a whole weeks worth of shirts to get me through my work days. I relief of not having to worry about having sweaty pit stains is a huge relief and will ease you anxiety throughout the day.


The Thompson Tee with Hydro-Shield Sweatproof Technology is a patented undershirt that blocks underarm sweat, preventing embarrassing wet marks and yellow stains. 100% Ultra soft, lightweight, premium combed cotton for maximum comfort exclusive of Hydro-Shield (Heather Grey 90/10 cotton/poly). Anti-microbial (fights odor) and Hypoallergenic. Fully integrated design provides a sleek and consistent look and feel (It's not just a patch sewn over top or inside a regular undershirt. The sweat proof barrier is built into the undershirt). 

  • Traditional crewneck fit, sweat proof shirt for men

  • 100% Ultra soft, lightweight, premium combed cotton (Heather Grey 90/10 cotton/poly)*

  • Tagless lay-flat collar

  • Stay tucked in with added length

  • Machine wash and dry

Like I mentioned earlier the Thompson Tee was a life saver for me before I had my MiraDry treatment. Underarm sweating was a daily problem for me.  Go ahead and try them yourself. You'll thank me later. If you've already tried them please post your opinion below.