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Social impact of excessive sweating

The physical and psychological impact of excessive sweating cannot be underestimated but do not forget about the social impact as well. Excessive sweating causes a great deal of embarrassment for the sufferer especially in social situations which require close contact with others. Parties are a good example of this as are workplace meetings. What happens is that the sufferer avoids these types of situations which have a negative effect on their confidence and self esteem. They avoid getting too close to other people and become worried and anxious about their appearance. Their main concern is that of appearing sweaty and dishevelled especially in a situation which requires them to present a professional appearance. This can have a detrimental effect on their career as well as their social life.

Does this sound familiar? It is understandable that you will avoid social situations or be reluctant to interact with other people at work for fear of giving offence. But the sad fact is that it can be counter productive to both your work and social life. People who have never experienced excessive sweating find it difficult imagine the sense of awkwardness and embarrassment this causes....